COVID-19 and Ste. Gen


26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

September 24, 2020
Greetings Parishioners,

There will be no school on Friday, September 25, the teachers will have Professional Development.  
The Parish office will close at noon.

Don't forget to give blood this Sunday! (details at the end of the e-bulletin).

Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll sale and Coats for Kids BBQ!!  (details at the end of the e-bulletin).

Men's White House Retreat
Thank you to the men who attended an inspirational retreat last weekend at the White House.  We look forward to more joining us next year! 
Save the Date for next year's retreat:  September 16-19, 2021.
Picture from the Retreat

The Feast of Sts. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael: Archangels and Powerful Spiritual Allies Sent by Love and for Love
Feast Day September 29th.

We are reminded on this Feast Day of the wonderful gift of the Archangels, including our guardian angles, whose unfailing assistance is directed toward one end: serving God's loving plan of salvation.

The existence of the spiritual, non-corporeal beings that Sacred Scripture usually calls 'angels' is a truth of faith. Charged by God to supply us aid, our guardian angels are eager to help us as our spiritual allies in the earthly battle. They do not begrudgingly engage in this effort, merely as half-hearted servants, but rather pour themselves into it with the full force of their angelic intellect and will, directing their formidable powers toward our success in attaining the everlasting life of heaven.

Spiritual Reflection from Msgr. John Unger, September 27, Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time;
26th Sunday-E-Bulletin
Being a Christian is not easy.  While some people say that getting old is not for sissies, being a Christian is not for sissies whether you are young or old.  The call to follow Jesus means that we are constantly being transformed.  To follow Jesus means changing our lives, intentionally and regularly, from who we are to who we are meant to be, from what we are doing now to what we ought to be doing.  If we are transformed into his disciples, we will look strange to a lot of people.  The question is, do you and I have the courage and perseverance to do that. 
          I’m reminded of a story about a family that went on vacation and were having a fun day at the beach, riding the waves, building sand castles, playing Frisbee.  In the distance an old woman appeared.  Her tangle of gray hair fluttered in the wind; her clothing hung on her like a bundle of tattered rags; her constant, indecipherable muttering buzzed above the sound of the surf as she bent down every now and then to pick up God-knows-what from the sand and then stuff whatever-it-was into her shopping bag.  As the old woman approached, the parents instinctively moved toward their children, quietly instructing them to stay away from the strange woman on the beach.  As she passed by, the old woman smiled and waved to the family—but no smiles and waves were returned. 
          After they left the beach, the father asked some of the local folks about the spooky old lady who had intruded on their day.  “Oh, that’s Maggie,” they said, “She’s a kind old soul.  Every morning and afternoon she walks the beach picking up bits of glass and sharp stones and shells so children won’t cut their feet.” 
          Do you think real Christians resemble old Maggie?  Even though they are doing good, trying to be of service, trying to live the Gospel, they are misunderstood, avoided, considered to be a little spooky. 
          Saint Augustine tells us that the greatest disciple of Jesus, the greatest follower of Jesus, was his mother Mary.  Mary receives an invitation to become the mother of the Lord and although she didn’t understand it, although it meant changing her life, although her life is turned upside down, although it meant being misunderstood and being avoided by some, she said “yes, be it done to me according to your word.”  The very next thing she did, although she was inconvenienced and probably again misunderstood, was go in haste to visit her cousin Elizabeth, whose baby leapt with joy in her womb at the presence of the unborn Savior.  That’s discipleship: we receive Christ and we bring him to others by our service to them and love of them even though it might cost us.  Archbishop May after a long and costly day would say every once in awhile: “What we don’t do for Jesus”!  Maybe that is discipleship in a nutshell. 
          Do our Catholic parishes, our Catholic homes, our Catholic businesses, our Catholic priests, doctors, nurses, lawyers, politicians, teachers, mother, fathers, husbands, wives, single persons, children live and act as disciples of Jesus?  
          We all know that it is not what we say that is important but what we do that is important.  How we live the Gospel every day, especially with those around us, is what is important.  The question is which son in this Sunday’s Gospel am I?  My guess is that we are a combination of both of them—sometimes saying “yes” to Jesus but then not following through; or sometimes saying “no” to Jesus and then doing it anyway.  Am I willing to move, to change, to be transformed by the Lord?  Am I willing to follow through on my commitment to Christ?  To be a disciple of Jesus demands follow-through.  Yes, discipleship costs.  In our Catholic tradition it has cost some of our brothers and sisters their lives.  It probably won’t cost that for us but it may be that we will be treated like “old Maggie.”  We might be misunderstood, considered weird, irrelevant, old fashion, and we may be shunned.  However, in the words of St. Paul: “May we look out not only for our own interests, but also for those of others; and may we have in us the same attitude that is also in Christ.” 
Music Ministry Updates from Laura Stoessel:
Below you will find the songs for this weekend’s Masses. 

 All Are Welcome -

The Supper of the Lord -

Alleluia! Love Is Alive -

Parish Office Updates from Bridget Davis:
"           The church will be open Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. for personal reflection and devotions.
"           Adoration offered on Wednesday's from 8:30am-2:00pm.
"           Parish Office hours:  8:30am-4:00pm, M-F.  If you do not feel comfortable visiting the office, please call or email, [email protected], 314-966-3780.  If you do visit the office, please wear a mask, thank you.
"           Confessions- Saturday evenings from 3:30-4:15 p.m. and can also be set up by appointment.  Please use our confidential email:  [email protected]
"           For Daily Readings:
"           Bridget's Keep the Faith Graphic;)

Marriage Banns
I   There is a promise of marriage between Kaitlin Colleen Doneff, daughter of John and Bridget (Flynn) Doneff  AND  Devin Cody Schild, son of Mark and Brenda (Klaus) Schild.
Thank you for your continued support of the parish.

Offertory Collection     September 20, 2020
Offertory                 $  10,077
Electronic Giving    $    4,239
Total Contribution   $  14,316

Intentions for the sick:
Please remember the sick of the parish especially, Michael Pollock, Gray Scott and Terry O’Toole.
Email us your special intentions so that we can continue to pray together for physical, spiritual and emotional healing. 
Mass Cards are available and can be mailed directly to you or your loved one, each Mass is $10.00.  Contact the Parish Office.

 Mass Intentions
Sunday, September 27
7:30 a.m.  People of the Parish
9:00 a.m.  Terry O’Toole (Int)
11:00 a.m.  Peg Hegeman (Int)
Monday, September 28
7:00 a.m.  Dan Reardon
Tuesday, September 29
7:00 a.m.  Michael Pollock (Int)
8:00 a.m.  Mary Ione Berry
Wednesday, September 30
7:00 a.m.  Lee Morrison
8:00 a.m.  Carolyn Stohr
Thursday, October 1
7:00 a.m.  Jack O’Leary
Friday, October 2
7:00 a.m.  Greyson Schnoebelen
Saturday, October 3
4:30 p.m.  S. A. Miller
Sunday, October 4
7:30 a.m.  People of the Parish
9:00 a.m.  Mary Kay Snyders
11:00 a.m.  Michael Pollock (Int)
We would like to pray for the deceased and their families who have had to endure very unusual funerals. 
May their souls and the souls of all the faithfully departed rest in peace.
Our Dearly Departed

Barbara Deutschmann September 24, 1988
Geraldine Jolley September 24, 1990
Frank T. Puglisi September 24, 2000
Carolyn Gund September 24, 2002
JoAnne C. Vogt September 24, 2008
Mary E. Lodes September 25, 1970
Ann T. Baumstark September 25, 1978
Violet K. Ghio September 25, 1981
Edward H. Barker September 25, 1983
Antoinette Guilfoy September 26, 1990
Norman B. Hill Jr. September 26, 1999
Catherine E. Martin September 26, 2006
Joseph H. Cinnater September 28, 1984
Rudolph Betlach September 29, 1967
Marie Speth September 29, 1989
Joseph L. Tlapek September 29, 2000
Ferd Classe September 30, 1989
James E. Darst September 30, 2008

School Updates from Anthony Van Gessel: 
Ste. Gen Parish families,

The PreK 4 classes had a Teddy Bear Picnic this week.
Picture of PreK 4
Picture of PreK 4
Picture of PreK 4

PSR Updates from Kathy Fleming:
Register as soon as possible for PSR grades 1-8. 
Interested in the Catholic faith?  Our RCIA program will begin soon. If you have any questions, please contact me at 314-966-3780 or email:  [email protected] 
God bless, Kathy Fleming CRE
The obligation to attend the Sunday Mass remains lifted indefinitely.  Anyone who is ill or showing symptoms of the Coronavirus, who has been in contact with someone with COVID-19, who is vulnerable due to preconditions, or over 60 years of age are asked to remain at home and participate via livestream.
-St. Padre Pio’s Prayer of Spiritual Communion
“My Jesus, I believe that you are truly present in the most Blessed Sacrament.  I love You above all things and I desire to receive You into my soul.  Since I am not able at this moment to receive You sacramentally, I ask that you spiritually enter into my heart.  I embrace You and unite myself wholly to You.  Never permit me to be separated from You.  Amen.”
Guidelines to follow for Mass attendance at Ste. Gen:
What we are doing…
"           We have used markings with blue tape indicating safe seating and standing to maintain proper social distance.
"           Additional seating for the outdoor chapel:  bring your own chairs, blankets or feel free to sit in your car.
"           Hand sanitizer will be available in church but we suggest that you bring your own.
"           We will clean and sanitize after each Mass.
What we ask of you…
"           All Catholics are still granted dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation.  Dispensation means that not attending Mass is NOT A SIN.
"           Bring and wear your own mask during church services.  Extra masks are available at all church entrances.
"           For one person, sit where the blue tape marks the seat.
"           For members of households, there should be 6ft of distance between members of one household and members of another.
"           Altar Servers- for their safety, servers will not be used at this time.
"           Eucharistic Ministers-only one needed per Mass (volunteer please). Hands must be thoroughly sanitized and masks must be worn.
New Mass Schedule:
"           Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. Mass
“           Tuesday and Wednesday 7:00 a.m. Mass and 8:00 a.m. School Mass.
"           No Saturday morning Mass, until further notice.
"           Saturday Evening Mass, 4:30 p.m. with Confessions offered in the cry room from 3:30-4:15 p.m.
"           Sunday Masses:  7:30 a.m., 9:00 a.m. (not 9:30 a.m.), 11:00 a.m. (this will give us time to sanitize between Masses).
Please come early, as we may have to turn people away due to limited seating. 
Many of the precautions to follow safety requirements will be labor intensive.  If you can help in any way please contact Deacon Matt Witte at 314-374-4044.  Thank you
Please continue to support one another, and to unite with all of our faithful in prayer to the Blessed Mother to intercede in healing us-body and spirit-and providing strength for those on the front lines fighting this virus and serving the needs of our community.
Yours in Christ,
Msgr. Daniel Mosley, Msgr. John Unger, Deacon Matt Witte, Kathy Fleming, Anthony Van Gessel

Reopening Guidelines and Restrictions from the Archdiocese

          Policies for Mass – for Priests
o            Policies for Mass - FAQ
o            Church Poster – Condensed Highlights for Parishioners and    Mass Attendees
o            Church Poster - Highlighting CDC Guidelines

Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll sale and Coats for Kids BBQ!!
Please read attached for details
Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll
Knights of Columbus Coats for Kids BBQ

Ste Gen Blood Drive Sunday, September 27-Save a Life-Give Blood
Ste Gen students will receive a free out of uniform day if a family member gives blood!!

Blood Drive Flyer

The Link to sign up:





Request from a parishioner:  please say one Hail Mary everyday for those exposed to or who have this terrible virus.